After reviewing all the new lockdown legislation we have found that this lockdown is more serious than the previous ones and as such, the newly released legislation has been put into law, and not merely issued as guidance like before.

After a lot of recent hard work from my governing body, the GMC to agree with the NHS definition of ‘low risk’, which is any interaction under two metres distance for less than 15 minutes.

Moreover, PHE have agreed this ‘low risk’ category has been applied to practitioners and acupuncturists under the current lockdown restrictions. Consequently, practitioners and acupuncturists have been allowed to stay open.

Unfortunately, PHE felt that including ‘healthcare issues’ as an exception to the guidelines was unacceptable during the current lockdown. Therefore, the wording has been restricted to medical and emergency treatments only.

Treatments in this category include:

•Anyone in pain.

•Clients with ongoing issues (that if left without treatment would cause severe relapse).

•Medical issues such as fertility and other medically classed treatments.

•Treatments where time based considerations are important (IVF) and where treatment appointments must be kept to keep your client in a safe health bracket.

•Mental health support for vulnerable people.

If you have any queries on accepted treatments please email or call us to discuss.

Obviously, with the new variant and numbers rising, we need to re-assess clients to ensure there is a definite need to be seen in person and for some this process may mean your appointments maybe cancelled and the practitioner will be in contact to discuss this further with you.

Thankyou for your ongoing support


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