Massage Therapie'z


All Massage utilizes a form of therapeutic touch which effects the body on both a physical and emotional level. A practitioner will use their hands, fingers, wrists, elbows or tools to enhance the sensations in the body.

Massage treatments are usually performed with the person in a laid or seated position on a massage chair or couch but can be adapted to suit the persons level of mobility.​


There are many different types of massage therapy. Some are very soft and gentle allowing for greater relaxation and more suited to those hypersensitive to touch; while others are more stimulating, deep, and vigorous. The depth and speed of any massage will depend greatly on its intended use and the constitution of the patient. Not all Massage Therapie’z use media (this is the substance to enable skin grip and glide such as oils, waxes or balms) and some massages are actually performed over clothing. 
Massage Can Be Used For:

Effects on the body:

  • Muscle, tendon & ligament relaxation

  • Improve blood circulation

  • Improved lymphatic drainage

  • Enhancing the immune system and healing process

  • Calms the nervous system

  • Increases range of movements in stiff joints

  • Improves body posture

  • Enhances rehabilitation from injury and addiction

  • Reduces risks from chronic diseases

  • Enhances digestion, nutrient absorption and metabolism

  • Improves pain management

  • Joints, Muscle, tendon & ligament (sinews) relaxation

  • Aids skin conditions

  • Loosens tight, contracted, shortened muscles & ‘knots’

Effects on the mind:

  • Reduction in tension & anxiety

  • Emotional relaxation

  • Renewal of energy easing fatigue

  • Increased body awareness, self-awareness & mental clarity

  • Promotes ‘feel good’ hormone lessening depression & anxiety

  • Reduction in tension & stress-related conditions

  • Lower stress levels, irritation, anger and aggression 

  • Improves sleep patterns

  • promotes sensation of general well-being

Contra-Indications. Reasons I can’t have treatment

With all therapies there will be a few conditions which may limit or prevent treatments from going ahead these include:

  • Blood Pressure issues treatment may be limited or refused. (if BP is too high it may be adapted or limited and if it is too Low it may be refused for safety reasons, especially for POTTS syndrome or anaemia).

  • Bleeding / blood disorders treatment may be limited or refused. (If you have a current Thrombosis, embolism, DVT, or haemophilia treatment will be refused, also refused if the INR is unstable. It may be adapted or limited if you have a history or haemorrhagic disorders, DVT, haemorrhage or are taking medications to thin the blood).

  • Epilepsy – treatment may be limited or refused. (No electrical stimulation is allowed, and some massage types and oils may need to be adapted).

  • Diabetes Treatment may be Limited in insulin dependent patients. (Treatment can alter the insulin levels, so you need to be closely monitored pre and post treatment).

  • Severe bruising treatment will be limited or refused. (In areas with current bruises treatment may be limited or adapted. It may be refused if the bruising is a sign of deeper bleeding, or the recurrent risk is too high).

  • Inflammationtreatment may be limited (in current inflammation and inflammatory flares).

  • Cuts & abrasions – treatment may be limited or refused (with open cuts or skin wounds or those with a history of poor skin healing or MRSA).

  • Recent operations – treatment may be limited or refused. (Especially if the operation was less than a month from treatment depending on massage type and location).

  • Fractures & sprains  treatment may be limited. (Massage locations will be adapted to avoid the injured sites).

  • Osteoporosis & brittle bones treatment may be limited or refused. (Dependent on the severity, massage may be adapted but may require refusal).

  • Acute infectious diseasestreatment will be refused for conditions such as: viral hepatitis, viral meningitis, chicken pox, tuberculosis, Conjunctivitis, and COVID-19.

  • Infectious skin diseases treatment will be refused for condition such as: impetigo, shingles, Herpes Simplex, Ringworm, Scabies, MRSA, Warts, and Verrucae’s.

  • Skin Disorderstreatment may be limited and possibly refused with conditions such as: Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis, Acne Vulgaris, Vitiligo, Rosacea, and Chloasma. (Treatment is not performed over any affected skin areas or may performed over clothing or with a towel to prevent skin damage).

  • Pregnancy treatment may be refused in the first trimester of pregnancy and limited throughout the second two trimesters. (In the first 5 months of pregnancy massage is not allowed anywhere on the lower torso area and is limited in the feet and ankles area, in the final trimester massage is accepted anywhere on the body but the patient must be seated or laid on the side and the pressure must be gentle, caution is given around the feet and ankles unless wanting to promote labour. Massage has been found to ease nausea, stress, anxiety and Sciatica in pregnancy).

  • Cancertreatment may limited or refused. (massage is never performed around a tumour site, but can support the treatment process and ease chemotherapy side effects).


 Please inform the practitioner about any of these conditions at the time of booking. 


Some treatments may not be suitable for all; this will be discussed at time of booking or during the consultation.

Some treatments may be combined at the practitioner’s discretion.

Block Bookings may be available on some massage therapie’z; the patient accepts fulfilment of all appointments which must be used within 18 months of purchase regardless of outcomes.

All Massage therapy prices are based on location of the massages not the duration of the treatment slot. Additionally the length of your massage treatment may vary depending on the presentation that day and what is required, again this is at the practitioners discretion.

Is Massage safe? What are the Side Effects of treatment?

In general, massage is safe; suitable for all ages from babies, children, adults to the elderly; it is deemed valuable, effective and mostly free from adverse or addictive side effects when performed by a qualified, licensed, registered and insured practitioner.


As with all treatments though, massage is a very powerful treatment and can have strong effects on the body. In some people it may cause you to experience some mild reactions while the body is rebalancing itself. These common side effects include:

  • Dizziness or light headedness as you get up (it lowers BP temporarily)

  • Minor bruising (common in blood thinners or thinner skin).

  • Petechiae (cupping/ Gua Sha only)

  • Cold or flu like symptoms (lasts 24-48 hours only)

  • Increased toilet habits

  • Altered perspiration

  • Deep vivid dreams or difficulty in sleeping

  • headaches

  • Nausea or dizziness

  • Aching, tender or sore muscles

These reactions are temporary and should clear in 24-48 hours; theses are positive signs that your body has responded to the treatment. If you are concerned, please discuss with the practitioner during or after the treatment.

What Massage Therapie'z we Offer
Here at Point'z Of Interest we provide the following massage treatments:

Swedish body massage

Tui Na


Gua Sha

Aromatherapy massage

MLD massage

Hot / Cold Stone massage


Hopi Ear Candling

Please see click each therapy for more details and individual prices.