Reiki or ‘sunlight energy’  is a Japanese spiritual balancing therapy

developed by Mikao Usui following his intense study of Tendai

Buddhism, Shinotoism, Yoga, Tai Chi, Chinese Medicine,

Acupuncture and Qi gong. It uses the practitioner’s

intention, symbolism, and energy to ‘heal’ themselves

or others re-establishing their physical, mental,

emotional, and spiritual selves. Reiki is not a massage

or a religious practise but a way to unblock Qi and

energy on a higher energetic field allowing a better flow

which therefore promotes overall health and wellbeing. Reiki

therapy can leave you feeling calm, nurtures and feeling at one with

yourself. Your outlook tends to be more positive and you feel more able to cope with life’s stresses. As this is an energetic treatment, each person will feel its effect differently. Prior to treatment you will be asked to remove your shoes and any tight clothing such as belts / jewellery than would prevent you lying comfortably for a period of time.

Reiki Treatment

You will be asked to lie on the couch face upwards throughout the treatment. The practitioner will set their intention and rest their hands just above the skin or may  rest on the skin lightly in non-intrusive hand positions. The practitioner will then move to different areas ranging from head to throat, navel, arms, legs and ankles. You may be asked to turn over to treat the back if an imbalance is indicated in that area.  

You may experience an intense heat or cold at specific areas while the practitioner is working there, some even feel tingling, like they are heavy, floating or seeing colours this is all very normal and the practitioner will be very interested to know as they can indicate a specific block or clearing within one of the chakras. 

Following treatment, you may feel light-headed and lethargic as the blocks have been cleared. Occasionally where there were greater blocks cleared the patient may experience a ‘healing crisis’, this only tends to last 24-48 hours as the bodies toxins are clearing and dispelling from the body.

Taster sessions unblock a specific area, a full treatment aims to rebalance all of the chakras and the entire body as a whole. 

Reiki Aftercare Advice.

To gain the most from your Reiki treatment, its recommended to do the following:

  1. Increase your water intake over the following 7 days to enhance the detoxification process, you could also try more herbal or fruit teas and juices to assist the process.

  2. Avoid alcohol, energy drinks or recreational drugs for 24 hours after the treatment and 12 hours prior to treatment.

  3. Avoid strenuous activities, heavy exercise or long drives for 24 hours after treatment, your body needs time for Rest and Relaxation. 

  4. Try to reduce stress, maybe try light exercise, going for a walk, breathing or mediation to help. 

  5. Try Tai Chi, yoga, Pilates, Qigong or other gentle moving or meditative practises. 

  6. Diet is important; eat a light  healthy meals; avoiding heavy, greasy, fatty or spicy foods for at least 12 hours after treatment so that the body does not need to concentrate on a sluggish digestion.

  7. Follow any specific aftercare advice given following the treatment. 

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